Darkroom – Where poems develop photos.


“In this home of the so called ‘brave’ the red, white and blue sky splits.
This is the land of the free, just as long as you fit.”


Curry, cricket & culture – Final

My South African soles step onto Indian soil, these are my stories…

After 153 days filled with Indian styled magic, I am finally departing this place.

To every human who purposefully went out of their way to ensure my stay was one to remember.
Who hugged a little longer, laughed a little louder and loved a little harder.
From the Diwali celebrations to the Dalai Lama.
From Palak Paneer to Butterscotch Cornetto’s.
From the endless selfies with random strangers to the nights spent alone.
For every mistake that was made and to every lesson that blossomed from it.
For every poetry slam, session, sharing and soul baring.
I thank you.

I am ready to come home.
Bring on the next chapter…